Omar has been shooting musicians live on stage for many years and has worked with a diverse range of artists.  Most recently he has travelled extensively with Ed Sheeran and has captured many of the defining moments of the divide tour.  With a unique style which captures not only the overall vibe of the show, he is also able to capture in great detail the expression and passion of the artist in that moment.                                                                                                              

Omar is able to apply the same expertise and enthusiasm whether he is photographing a band who have been together for decades, such as shown in his Judas Priest archives , or when shooting an exciting newcomer like Anne Marie.  Whoever the artist and whatever their style, Omar always creates special and unique images that have a beautiful aesthetic.  Full of charm, sensitivity and charisma.

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I love Photography…always have.

I love to stop the time and create a memory…a moment…so one day you can look back and feel the same….